Learning Perl

This is the Table of Contents for my blog entries on learning to program in the language perl.

Each topic is very simplified, so please ask questions in the comment area of each post, so that I may elaborate on areas which need more information or clarity. This will help other readers get more information as well as the questioner and will make the lessons more helpful overall.

Lesson 1 Perl script skeleton
Lesson 2 Variables: scalars, arrays, and hashes
Lesson 3 Assigning Values to Scalar Variables
Lesson 4 Array Assignment
Lesson 5 Accessing elements of an array
Lesson 6 Reassigning elements of an array
Lesson 7 Hash Assignment
Lesson 8 Accessing elements of a hash
Lesson 9 Reassigning elements of a hash
Lesson 10 String functions and operators
Lesson 11 Numeric Operators and functions
Lesson 12 Truth and conditional statements
Lesson 13 Loops
Lesson 14 Loop Control
Lesson 15 Array Functions
Lesson 16 Hash Functions
Lesson 17 Sort with arrays and hashes
Lesson 18 User/Command-line input
Lesson 19 Sanity checks and testing
Lesson 20 Files and File handles
Lesson 21 References and multidimensional data structures
Lesson 22 Regular Expressions

Lesson 23 Subroutines or Custom functions
Lesson 24 System Calls

Checkout the Extras I have added in the comment section of the lessons

Have Fun!! And remember to post any and all questions to the comment section of each lesson. This will make each lesson much better!!!

Thanks!! Sofia

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