Handmade Christmas Gifts 2011

Front of flower bag
Front of tree bag

I like to make gifts for people. This year for Christmas I decided I would knit a computer bag for each of my sisters. I found a pattern online and worked with it. This wasn’t just an ordinary knitting project but my very first FELTING project. I finished each bag off with NEEDLE FELTING.

It didn’t take very long once i got the hang of felting. For each bag, it took me 2 evenings of knitting, 1 evening to felt and set it up to dry appropriately (blocking) and a full day or 2 to completely dry.

It was actually very difficult to knit the bag to the appropriate size so that when felted (washed and agitated in hot water in the washing machine) it would shrink to the correct size for the computer. I read this webpage to get info about felting.

I found lots of You-tube videos about needle felting, this one was the first and and funniest that I watched. Needle Felting 101.

The first project was the green bag. I knitted the bag and realized I shrunk it too much. The second attempt was too big, but I was able to cut it down and sew it to the correct size after felting. The second bag, the purple one, also turned out a bit too big, but I used buttons and ribbon to cinch up the sides. It is now expandable to accommodate more stuff 🙂

Note: Mike’s washing machine should be renamed to The Felting Machine. These bags felted in 10min or less!!

Front of flower bag

inside under flap
Inside under open flap

Back of flower bag

open bag
Flower bag opened

Front of tree bag

Back of tree bag

Tree bag opened


  1. Use wool yarn.
  2. Knit in the round with 2 strands of yarn, so this means double up your strand, use two balls of yarn at once. I used US#10.5 24inch circular needles.
    • Cast on 100 stitches (13inch laptop) or 120 for (17inch laptop)
    • Join the edges, place a stitch marker, and knit in the round.
    • place stitch markers to keep track of the edges of the bag. This is very important if you do not want a super wonky flap. So in the 100 stitch tube, i placed a marker at stitch one, where I joined the edges and at stitch 50.
    • Knit until the tube is ~15inches tall for the 13″ and ~18″tall for the 17″
    • For the flap: I then transfered half the stitches onto straight single point needles and knitted in garter stitch (knit on the front, purl on the back) until the flap was at least as long as the tube. I knitted a few inches more.
  3. Felted as in this webpage
  4. Needle felt. Find lots of helpful info on you-tube or other websites.

Halloween 2011

The Mystery Team

The Mystery Team, CSHL Programming for Biology 2011

This year at the Programming for Biology Course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories the gang dressed up as the Scooby Doo Mystery Team. I was Daphnie, Eric was Shaggy, Dave was Freddy, Shawn was Scooby and Sarah was Velma (though the costume was meant for Ashley she could not make the party so Sarah took her place). We had a great time and I think all the costumes turned out awesome and that we looked GREAT together!!