Lost and Found Plants :)

Since I have lived in California, I have found plants twice that people were throwing out. The first time was in August. In Southern California people grow house plants outside!! It is quite amazing to see. On late August I was walking the dogs and someone had trimmed their Jade hedges, (Yes!!, I did say Jade hedges) and had tossed out the cuttings. I brought home a cast away and potted it. Here it is 4 months later. It is beautiful with lots of new growth.

Lost and Found

Lost and found Jade

Last week, it happened again!! I found more plants. I am not sure what they are, and I am not sure if they all will survive but I hope that they do.

Jan 2012

Here is a picture of my little garden taken earlier in January. In the middle is a fig tree that I bought from Lowes. It may look like it is dead, but its not. I think it lost its leaves when the night time temps started to drop. It does have new shoots coming up 🙂

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