Accessing Android Market from the Kindle Fire

[Outdated: see these newer posts for more up to date information]
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I got an early Christmas gift, an awesome Kindle Fire!!  I was playing with it and realized that not many apps are available in the Kindle Fire App Store, so I started looking around and found out that I could hack my Fire and to access the Android Market. There are tons of apps there.

While reading the posts for how to enable the Android Market  and attempting to follow along, I encountered almost every problem anyone had listed. But I tried and tried again and I got it to work!!

My problems:

  1. The Vending.apk would not install
  2. I could not copy the downloaded apk files to /system/app
  3. I could not change the permission on files in /system/app
  4. I could open Android Market and search for apps, but the apps would not download, they just said, “Starting Download”

Here is what i did to make it all work:

  1. I had to start with restoring my Kindle Fire to factory default settings.
  2. From my computer (Mac) with my kindle fire attached:
    1. I had to root my kindle fire with instructions from: HERE
    2. I downloaded the .rar to get GoogleServicesFramework.apk and com.amarket.apk from HERE
      1. you might need to download a program to uncompress your rar file
    3. I downloaded MarketOpener.apk (45kb) from HERE
    4. I copied just 3 apps from my computer to my kindle into the documents folder
      1. GoogleServicesFramework.apk
      2. com.amarket.apk
      3. MarketOpener.apk
  3. On my kindle:
    1. In the settings I allow for other apps to be installed
    2. I downloaded Better Terminal Emulator Pro from the kindle app store (~$4)
      1. I went to the settings in this app and allowed for root access
    3. I downloaded File Expert from the kindle app store
      1. I also allowed for root access in the settings
    4. I opened File Expert:
      1. I Navigated to (SD Card) /sdcard/Documents and clicked on GoogleServicesFramework.apk to install it.
    5. I open Better Terminal Emulator and typed
      1. mount -o remount,rw /dev/null /system
        1. (!!! everytime you reboot you will have to retype the above mount step to write to /system folder)
      2. cp /sdcard/Documents/com.amarket.apk /system/app
      3. chmod 777 /system/app/com.amarket.apk
    6. I opened File Expert:
      1. Navigated to (SD Card) /sdcard/Documents and clicked on GoogleServicesFramework.apk to install it (for some reason Replace Application meas install).
      2. might have to reboot after installing GoogleServicesFramework.apk — but don’t forget to remount step if you do reboot, if the following step fail to install
      3. Navigated to (Phone Internal Storage) /system/app and clicked on com.amarket.ak to install it.
      4. Navigated to (SD Card) /sdcard/Documents and clicked on MarketOpener.apk to install it.

Now the market will show up in your launcher. Just log in and have fun!!


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